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Unknown benefits of a massage

November 1, 2018

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years as a luxurious treatment for those in positions of power or of royalty for their medical benefits. Today massages are commonly used for relaxation and to help muscle growth or repair.

However there are some unknown benefits for massages that may have you searching for a massage near me.


If you like many other people work at a desk for a living, slouching can lead to a lot of muscle and posture pain. Poor posture puts a lot of stress on your muscles and internal organs. Having a massage relieves the tension in your shoulders and back allowing you to get your posture back on track.

The imbalanced caused from sitting for long periods of time can be counteracted with a regular massage.

Mental health

A great unknown benefit from massages are that it helps with a lot of mental health issues with the main two being anxiety and depression. Massages counteract these issues by affecting the body’s biochemistry.

In a study more than 50 people who experienced stress or anxiety where tested to see the benefits that massages had on their mental health. The researchers measured their cortisol levels (Cortisol is a steroid hormone that can supress the immune system and elevate blood pressure) before and after the study.

On average after receiving a massage the individual had their cortisol levels reduced by up to 53%.

Massaging also increases the production of Serotonin and Dopamine which can help in combatting depression. The influx in these levels can also help insomniacs. Massaging is an effective way of generating deep sleep to help people get their sleeping patterns back to normal.

Immune system

Following suit by alerting the body’s biochemistry, massaging was found to boost the white blood cell count in a lot of individuals which in turn improves people’s immune systems. White blood cells are the body’s main defence against fighting infections and diseases so that you can reduce the time of colds and flus or even prevent them all together.

Increased blood flow

Regular massaging vastly increases your blood flow which in turn has a lot of benefits for your body. The increased blood flow allows for more blood to be sent to your muscles and skin.

The rejuvenation powers of blood circulation can help improve the quality and smoothing of your skin. This includes getting rid of cellulite and preventing varicose veins from occurring. It has also been recorded that massages help with the healing of scars do to this smoothing ability.

The increased blood flow to your muscles helps them become stronger and allows for you to be more flexible and ease in joint and muscle pain. Your muscles being revitalised also helps you stay energetic for longer.

Increasing your blood flow can improve your blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to fatigue, cold hands and feet and body aches due to a build-up of lactic acid. Improving the blood circulation can help negate these effects while massaging also relieves lactic acid due to the constant pushing and pulling of muscles and veins.

The benefits of a massage aren’t just skin deep. Many of the benefits can’t be seen on the surface but can improve how you feel physically and mentally. Combining massaging with a balanced diet and constant exercise can really push your body in the right direction to getting a healthier lifestyle.

Looking for a massage near me doesn’t have to be a difficult task either with many services offering specialised treatment for areas of trouble that need to be corrected.