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Things should be Consider for a Healthy Pregnancy & Baby

Visit your general doctor as soon as you find that you are expecting. Expecting someone breathing inside you is the most wonderful feeling that a woman feels when she is pregnant. Though every woman is incomplete without being mother and that’s the reason why mother-to-be are always confused what to do or what not for healthy pregnancy and baby.

Apart from body stresses and hormonal effects of being mom-to-be, she needs to act with greater awareness because each action or activity affects her health and her baby too. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being of mother will have a great influence on the development of fetus. Therefore it is essential for a mother-to-be to ensure that she is taking wholesome nutrition with pleasant environment throughout the entire pregnancy for the fetus to flourish.

By making some extra efforts during pregnancy, she can reduce the adverse affects of the pregnancy. This effort can maximize the ease of delivery and most importantly a better state of fetus health. Taking proper care in the early stage of pregnancy will assures the healthy pregnancy and gives a better start of life to fetus.

During the pregnancy time, since mother and the fetus are too connected to each other, the unborn baby can sense everything that mother experiences. This indicates that the unborn baby can be directly affected with the mother’s every thought and emotion. When she is peaceful and joyful, healthy hormones and enzymes flow in her bloodstream and this tends to impact the fetus development in a positive way.

However anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and fear bring negativity and slow down the fetus growth. It is advisable for pregnant woman to pay extra attention to her surroundings and to avoid stressful circumstances that will negatively impact on her and fetus too. In addition it is good for the mother to keep herself with the positive and optimistic people that produce happy feeling and a sense of positivity, harmony and beauty.

Some other common things you need to consider during pregnancy

Pregnancy time is the time for eating for two. But this does not mean to eat twice as much. This simply means to take all necessary nutrients for your baby. Regular physical activity with balanced and hygienic meal activity is one of the best rules to follow when you are pregnant.

Adopting healthy eating habit is the foremost thing and most important than ever for a pregnant lady. Your body requires more amounts of protein, zinc and iron than before pregnancy. Additionally you need more calories.

During pregnancy, woman needs more vitamins, minerals and for this, she must include grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and beans etc in her diet. In addition there are certain foods you need to avoid such as refrigerated smoked seafood and meat spreads. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly no no during pregnancy. For more details on pregnancy diet, it is good to consult with your physician.