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The Coral Triangle Includes Indonesia

November 3, 2018

Many international tourism destinations are touted as incredible places to scuba dive, but a rare undiscovered country featuring extraordinary dive sites is Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago of islands, warm tropical climate and jewelled seas surrounding the green lush vegetation and dense forests.

Dive sites in Indonesia are many, due to the largely island geography. With so many opportunities to explore, and a lack of huge influx of tourism, it offers a unique opportunities for the scuba dive enthusiast to savour sites that are free of a whole lot of busy human tourism habitation.

Indonesia is part of the world’s coral triangle, and hosts more than 3000 fish and 600 coral species to explore. There are sea wreck sites, deep chasms, coral reefs, underwater volcanic mountains and steep walls. The underwater geographic landscape of Indonesia is truly stunning. For dive enthusiasts also, the pricing is both reasonable and affordable.

Living costs in Indonesia are generally lower than other diving tourism destinations and so the costs of visiting Indonesia as a tourist are also reasonable. Generally temperatures all year round in the country are moderate and suitable for scuba diving, however the most ideal season for visit is between April and December. January to March are generally very wet with monsoons, so the water is less disturbed in the off season.


Raja Ampat is a Beautiful Place to go Diving

Raja Ampat, off the coast of Irian Jaya, is famous for its frontier diving where the scenery in the dive stretches out over blue seas with islands beyond. It is a truly beautiful and magnificent site, perhaps the best known in the whole of Indonesia. Raja Ampat is undisturbed by commercial tourism, and is a group of 1500 tiny islands only hosting to a few natives who caretake the islands. With such a pristine dive area, there are more than 30 beautiful places suitable for diving exploration. These include Cape Kri, Sardines, Manta Sandy and Mios Kon. There are coral reefs, wreck sites and other beautiful sites to explore.

There are dive packages available, or a tourist can travel independently. In Raja Ampat, accessible by air from the International airports at either Bali or Jakarta, domestic flights connect to Raja Ampat. Liveaboard yachts are available for transport, some locals host tourists or there are traditional holiday resorts that offer dive tours.


Bunaken Marine Park Famous Internationally for Diving

Other places in Indonesia well known for being beautiful places to go scuba exploring include Pulau Bunaken, and the Bunaken Marine Park is an internationally renowned diving site amongst enthusiasts. Larger marine animals are located around these islands in Sulawesi, including a variety of species of sea turtle, dugong, barracuda, reef sharks and crocodiles.

There are 20 dive sites in this area, and during May through to September is the best season for visibility in the water due to the lack of disturbance from rain. Rain causes significant water turbulence, so most tourists visit during May through September when visibility is at its peak. It can become very busy with other scuba tourists, so take this into consideration if you are desiring a quiet vacation or are happy to participate in snorkelling or diving sites with a large number of other people.

Along with diving around the Bunaken Marine Park, whale and dolphin watching tours can be readily organised, and there are a number of tourism resorts that have day tours and luxury accommodation. Permits are required to scuba or snorkel in the Bunaken Marine Park, but these can be easily purchased at various stores and outlets throughout the nature reserve.

Diving is an enjoyable pastime, and there are many enthusiasts internationally. For those who enjoy adventure travel, and have the desire to experience beautiful and unique sites, particularly of the coral areas of the world, Indonesia diving offers unique experiences.