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Mystery About Semen for Women

Semen is a fluid, water accounting for 95%, the left 5% include in sperm, protein, minerals, vitamins, starch, fructose, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. Clinically, some of women cause allergic reactions in semen, this is because the semen contains a substance called MIM immunosuppression; it can protect the sperm from rejection.

Semen as one of the origin of life, believe that most of people know about it, but what does it affect for women? Why do some people will be allergic to it? Take a look at the following interpretation.

Why it is mouth swelling after swallow semen?

When women MIM activity decreased and antigenicity of sperm is strengthened, female body would cause allergic reactions after swallowing semen. There will be the performance of allergic vaginitis, vaginal itching, burning, swelling and pain or immune infertility after intercourse. This kind of allergic reaction is up to the peak after ejaculation about 15-30 minutes.

Semen allergies not only can occur in vaginal intercourse, and also can occur in oral sex. If the female allergic to it, she will appear swelling phenomenon in eyelids and lips. Prevention method is simple, using condoms can avoid.

Will women have infectious diseases by swallowing semen?

Semen includes in protein, fat and fructose, which can nourish a variety of bacteria and viruses. Unhealthy semen is the medium of many diseases which cross infection, such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, mycoplasma, chlamydia, hepatitis, etc. In addition, acuteness wet wart, genital herpes virus can contact with the mucous membrane of the oral cavity where damaged and spread disease. It can carry the virus and other pathogenic microorganism, oral sex has the risk of infectious disease, especially in women with gum disease, oral ulcers, throat disease, etc.

Can semen beautify the face?

Sexology experts said, healthy sex life can indeed make women refreshed and become skin-red. it besides has the regulation of mental endocrine, also have direct biological reaction on female genital mutilation.

But considering it may carry disease-causing microbes, so don’t recommend trying to beautify the face with semen.

Will women be pregnant after eating semen?

Experts said, swallowing sperm does not cause pregnant in fact. Sperm survival needs specific environment, and gastric juice can will kill sperm in a flash. Besides, sperm in the digestive tract cannot meet the eggs, the eggs near the ovaries, and it’s in the pelvic cavity.