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Magical Foods for Women

Women have shown a drastic rise in diseases. Are you looking for women health care centers in Albury Wodonga? Before approaching just any doctor, try and adapt these fantastic food remedies to at least develop sturdy immunity and reduce the trips to the doctor.


Tofu is the richest source of Soya protein. Soya protein helps lower cholesterol levels and maintains a healthy heart. Also the phytonutrients present in it help increase the body’s overall endurance level. You may consume Tofu with less or no seasoning in salads. 25 gm every day would be sufficient.


Those suffering from Urinary Tract Infection can consume Cranberry every day. The proanthocyanidins in Cranberries prevent the bacteria from sticking to the Gall bladder. It’s better to get some Cranberries and prepare the juice at home. The ones available in market have preservatives. Also, the juice is very good for pregnant women.


Broccoli is immensely rich in Vitamin C and fiber. It is recommended as a fantastic food alternative to various other green leafy vegetables. Taste friendly and easy to cook in various forms, you can consume it with salads or prepare a separate soup. It’s also a magical herb for weight loss.

Low fat Yogurt

Perhaps the best food to prevent and even fight breast cancer! Also, Yogurt can help reduce risks of inflammation in digestive tracts. Plus, it is very effective in fighting stomach ulcers and infections in the Vagina. You may consume a restricted serving every day. It is available in different flavors and thus forms a very good source of sweet dish!


Immensely popular in Indian cuisine, Beans can help normalize the hormonal release in women. Rich in dietary fiber and protein, beans can be consumed either in boiled form as sprout or salads. However avoid consuming them in the dinner. You may in take them once a week.


They help bestow glow to the facial skin. Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene, a magical nutrient that effectively treats prostate Cancer in men. For women, it helps prevent any chances of breast cancer. Last and not least, it helps you look younger by protecting from the harmful UV radiations from the Sun.


An Apple a day keeps the doctor away! Women can easily trust the phrase for the magical benefits an Apple can show. Quercetin found in Apples boosts the overall immunity of your body. Women with sufficient intake of Apples have been found with a tremendous decrease in the respiratory infections. You may consume Apples directly or use them as an additive to your vegetable salad. They sync well with Italian cuisine.

Last and not least is Water. There are a plethora of benefits water can show. Women are most vulnerable to get infected by diseases since they are extensively involved in the cleansing process. Also, overexposure to certain essence in the kitchen may also be very unhealthy. Drinking 8-10 glasses of distilled water can help them purify the blood and fight internal infections effectively. You may add some herbal seeds and leaves.