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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a gentle kind of yoga which mulls over the advancing needs of a lady’s body while she is anticipating. Honing exercise while pregnant aids and reinforces the muscles and joints as they adjust with all the surge of pregnancy hormones.

When you are an eager mother then pregnancy yoga is most likely a good fit for you. A lot of individuals’ question that pregnant women shouldn’t attempt any sort of activity however Pregnancy Yoga, or overall called, pre-birth exercise may be the exemption to the principle. Obviously, on the off chance that you are a starter to yoga hone, before beginning any sort of new work out you have not attempted before it is exceptionally essential check with a restorative expert regardless of whether your pregnant or not.

Individuals that have honed exercise before getting to be pregnant should talk about that actuality that they have ended up pregnant with their yoga coach or Yogi. You would be untrustworthy to yourself, your unborn kid in addition to your instructor by not educating them of your pregnancy. Certain types of Yoga and certain postures (or postures) may put pointless strain or push on your body, particularly your stomach area and your spine. Your instructor needs to be gifted in instructing exercise to pregnant women and in the event that they aren’t they ought to have the capacity to prompt a particular Prenatal exercise educator.

Pregnancy yoga keeps the center solid, aids you to keep up right carriage and may help diminish some of those pre-birth a throbbing painfulness. Numerous specialists in exercise agree pre-birth yoga is the best practice for eager moms as it additionally aides push and create great breathing propensities, which can help colossally amid labor.

While going to a Prenatal Yoga class you may expect a lot of breathing work. You should likewise meet a slower-paced activity than conventional yoga and you’ll likely meet many similar eager moms. At the point when beginning a yoga class for pregnant women give careful consideration to your individual limits, listen to your body, on the off chance that you meet any inconvenience or torment its vital to back it off and take it simple.

Tell your educator when you are experiencing specific inconvenience or encountering uneasiness or torment with any specific postures or extends and they ought to can give proposals about how to make the accompanying session simpler and better for you. Bear in mind that your framework is making a supernatural occurrence, and there are bunches of inner alterations going on so you’ll have to be smooth and patient.

Ways to choose a Fertility Clinic

So, your doctor recommended that you need to find a fertility clinic. Well there are a number of fertility clinics around the world, and there is no shortage. But how do you choose best for you among them?

Fertility Clinic is a critical factor that needs strong consideration in overall treatment procedure. Word of mouth is very common by which often couples are referred to a specific clinic in their area. These recommendations may come from your family members, friends and gynecologist. Most of the clinics are known by their ads and news articles or found through searching on internet. Regardless of the fact that you are given a suggestion, it is good that you do your research before visiting a clinic. Specialists report that infertile couples nowadays are typically educated and learned while visiting a fertility clinic. It is your profit to be an informed patient and to comprehend what to search for.

Several points are there that needs consideration when selecting a fertility clinic, not simply the success rate. Though the success rate is useful as a thumb of rule, but you really need to take lots of other aspects into account to choose best for you and your baby.

Choosing the best one is an overwhelming task, especially when plenty of data is available about the fertility clinics. Below we discuss top ways to choose a fertility clinic:

• Primarily pay attention to the signs of a bad fertility clinic

Before you go about looking for a good fertility clinic, it is beneficial to be mindful of caution signs. May be the clinic have part time fertility experts, in which case, you won’t get the services and care needed to guarantee the successful treatment. Chances are high that part time fertility experts won’t have sufficient time for you as they may be overburdened with other different cases.

• Look at the medical and fertility care services before you pick a fertility clinic

One of the important services a Gestational center must offer is an embryo freezing facility. In case the clinic you choose does not have this common service, stay away from them. A fertility clinic that is not prospective with their responses or is not ready to demonstrate to show their services and medical tools or equipment can’t be trusted. Such infertility clinics are out to exploit the patient. Therefore it’s good to stay away from them.

• Look at the fertility clinic’s credentials

Before you pick a fertility clinic, look at the accreditations. To what extent has the center been in this field? A long running center is more prone to have great experience and high achievement rates, which is further beneficial for you.

• Investigate the services being offered by the fertility clinic

Wide ranges of fertility treatments are available nowadays. Look at the different treatment procedures being offered by the specific clinic. This will help you know whether the clinic can provide the treatment you require. If not, you may proceed onward in your search to pick the right clinic.

Mystery About Semen for Women

Semen is a fluid, water accounting for 95%, the left 5% include in sperm, protein, minerals, vitamins, starch, fructose, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. Clinically, some of women cause allergic reactions in semen, this is because the semen contains a substance called MIM immunosuppression; it can protect the sperm from rejection.

Semen as one of the origin of life, believe that most of people know about it, but what does it affect for women? Why do some people will be allergic to it? Take a look at the following interpretation.

Why it is mouth swelling after swallow semen?

When women MIM activity decreased and antigenicity of sperm is strengthened, female body would cause allergic reactions after swallowing semen. There will be the performance of allergic vaginitis, vaginal itching, burning, swelling and pain or immune infertility after intercourse. This kind of allergic reaction is up to the peak after ejaculation about 15-30 minutes.

Semen allergies not only can occur in vaginal intercourse, and also can occur in oral sex. If the female allergic to it, she will appear swelling phenomenon in eyelids and lips. Prevention method is simple, using condoms can avoid.

Will women have infectious diseases by swallowing semen?

Semen includes in protein, fat and fructose, which can nourish a variety of bacteria and viruses. Unhealthy semen is the medium of many diseases which cross infection, such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, mycoplasma, chlamydia, hepatitis, etc. In addition, acuteness wet wart, genital herpes virus can contact with the mucous membrane of the oral cavity where damaged and spread disease. It can carry the virus and other pathogenic microorganism, oral sex has the risk of infectious disease, especially in women with gum disease, oral ulcers, throat disease, etc.

Can semen beautify the face?

Sexology experts said, healthy sex life can indeed make women refreshed and become skin-red. it besides has the regulation of mental endocrine, also have direct biological reaction on female genital mutilation.

But considering it may carry disease-causing microbes, so don’t recommend trying to beautify the face with semen.

Will women be pregnant after eating semen?

Experts said, swallowing sperm does not cause pregnant in fact. Sperm survival needs specific environment, and gastric juice can will kill sperm in a flash. Besides, sperm in the digestive tract cannot meet the eggs, the eggs near the ovaries, and it’s in the pelvic cavity.

Tips For Menstruation

I bet you not even a single girl would like to have periods and that’s so damn true. With women not loving to have periods, it’s even more frustrating when you face a delay or irregularity in having them. Mostly women’s menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days of interval and the period lasts between 2-5 days. But some women face the problem of erratic periods, where they start to menstruate before 21 days or much after 35 days. So here are some reasons for irregular periods that all women should know of.

Lifestyle Factors:

Losing or gaining a lot of weight, depression, lack of sleep, stress, intense dieting, changes in exercising, or other things that mess up your daily routine can be reasons for irregular periods. The best way to handle this is to balance your lifestyle as it will help in regulating your periods. Take less stress; consume healthy food to help yourself.


Age is considered as a major factor in regulating period cycles. It takes years for the period cycle to become regular after getting periods for the first time in pubescent girls. It starts regularly after the girl’s puberty ends. The period cycle of women become irregular between the ages of 40 to 45 as they are nearing menopause.

Birth Control:

If you have been fitted IUD or with birth control pill then you may face the problem of irregularity in periods during initial days. The IUD may cause heavy bleeding which might be extremely painful. While the contraceptive pills causes irregularity due to its oestrogen and progestin components. Hence if you go on your pills, your periods might be irregular after six months.

All the girls might be going through a deep pain during periods and I can totally understand how it feels. Many of us are mostly going through frequent mood changes and discomfort and the major headache is menstrual cramps. So to avoid all these painful things, I have some bedtime habits that will make your period so much bearable.

  • Our body temperature rises on these days, I hope many of us might not know it and this happens to due to the sudden change in the hormonal level. So keep you bedroom temperature cool as it will make you sleep peacefully.
  • Try eating light food before going to bed as eating a heavy meal can lead to nausea and indigestion.
  • Try to go to bed on a fixed time during these days.
  • If you are facing menstrual cramp problems then take a long hot water shower before going to bed.
  • The quality of your sleep depends on your sleeping positions. No matter how much you love sleeping on your stomach, try to sleep on your side or your back during your period. These positions are known to lower the chances of the occurrence of period cramps during the night.

Many of us have a question whether to have sex while menstruating or not. A lot of men find it gross and reasons are still unknown and let me tell you periods are not gross. It’s just blood coming out of the vagina. So here is the common question which arrives in our mind, period sex – yeah or naah?.

It Eases The Cramps:

Cramps are one of the major reasons for mood swings. A woman very much sexually aroused than usual during this time. Having sex during periods can help reduce your menstrual cramps. So enjoy your time with your hubby.

No Lube Required:

A girl’s vagina is already lubricated due to the blood so you don’t need a lubricant to get it going. It is a good idea to make love during periods because the pleasure sensitivity rises around the 3rd day. The estrogen levels are low on the first day.