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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Ways to Deal with Osteoporosis in Women

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder which is mostly seen in women over the age of 40. The main cause of osteoporosis is the reduction of estrogen in their body which reduces the calcium absorption in the body and makes trabecular or spongy bone inside the cortical bone thinner. In lay man’s term, one can say that there is a reduction of bone mineral density in the body.

During osteoporosis, the trabecular bone reduces at the rate of 1% per year. This makes the bones brittle and susceptible to easy fractures. The risk of bone fragility increases as the person ages when even the cortical bone density starts to reduce. The cortical bone reduces at this age at the rate of 0.5% per year.

But no need to worry as there are many Osteoporosis treatments available for women which can help you. Here are some of the recommended treatments for Osteoporosis as prescribed by medical practitioners.

Calcium and Vitamin D Intake

The causes of osteoporosis are mainly linked to the deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D in the body. Nowadays you can also get natural supplements by well-known brands that can help you supplement any Calcium or Vitamin D deficiency. Besides, supplements you can also increase the intake of food items like milk and fruits which contain calcium. Also, try to spend some time in the early morning sun as sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D.

Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle has a strong impact on your body and bones. For e.g. if you have a drinking or smoking habit, avoid them as they will only worsen your current situation. Create a regular exercise regime for yourself like yoga, walking or cycling. Exercises are also good for women in menopause stage as it helps them to get back good hormones and handle the stress connected with menopause.


Go for medicines only if the increase of calcium or lifestyle change does not help enough. Medicines for osteoporosis mainly work on your body by helping it to increase the cells which make new bone. At the same time, it decreases the cell activity of breaking down the bone.

Medication can help in increasing the density of the hip bone between 1-3% (30-50% fewer chances of fracture) whereas in spine it can help between 4 to 8% (30-70% chances of fracture). These statistics are valid if the treatment is pursued for over 3 years. However, you can start seeing improvement post 6 months itself.

Hormone Therapy Treatment for Women (HRT)

The other treatment considered common for women with osteoporosis is Hormone Therapy Treatment (HRT). In this treatment, the estrogen hormones are given to women in low dosages. Sometimes, the doctor also prescribes progestogen hormones to be given along with the estrogen hormones. HRT is not only considered safe but also beneficial for women in menopause or post menopause stage. They will not only help in preventing osteoporosis but also in reducing menopausal symptoms for elderly women.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Probably breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. At the same time, there are a number of myths about breast augmentation. It is important to know the facts and have realistic expectations before going for a breast augmentation surgery, so here is the truth.

Larger Breasts

Breast augmentation is done to make the breasts larger. The breast augmentation surgery, offered at leading clinics, such as Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ can enhance the size of breasts; even augment the size of one breast more than the other, in case of asymmetry.

Women may have different reasons for wanting augmentation – a desire to look better in their clothes ora desire to restore the size of their breasts after having a baby.

Breast augmentation focuses on increasing the size of your breasts, but in proportion with your body size. You can’t suddenly go from A-cup to DD cup.

You can ask for sizers to try on before you go for the surgery. That will give you an idea of how you’ll look with the implants.

Restore Breasts after Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes the body in many ways. Breasts that grow larger during pregnancy tend to shrink down a few cups sizes afterwards. That is why mothers often seek breast augmentation to get their pre-pregnancy breasts back.

If you’re a mom thinking about breast augmentation in Phoenix AZ, it’s worth waiting until after you’ve finished having kids. It will not affect breastfeeding but can reverse the effects of the surgery.

NoBreast Lift

Augmentation may create some breast lift but it is not a solution to saggy breasts. For that, you need a breast lift surgery. Some women opt for both the augmentation and lift surgeries performed at the same time to lift up the breasts as well as enhance them.

Improved Confidence

You might have gone a large part of your life, not feeling good about your breasts. They might be too small, or asymmetrical. Having a breast augmentation can give you a big confidence boost. Most women feelexcited about the way their new breasts look and feel.

When you feel good about the way you look, you tend to feel happier about other areas of your life as well.

Breast Augmentation Can’t Change You

Although breast augmentation can help you feel more confident and happier but it can’t turn you into a new person. Discuss your goals and your expectations clearly with your surgeon before you go for the surgery. Ask any questions that come to you about the surgery, the implants, the recovery period and more.

Herbal Energy Booster Products For Women

Most of the women, at least once or twice in their life might have felt so tired. But, for some of them this type of low energy level almost follows them on a daily basis. This can be caused by a wide range of reasons like:

  1. Poverty
  2. Chronic anxiety
  3. Working odd hours
  4. Caring for new born
  5. Menopause.

There can be many other reasons for such low level of energy in addition to those mentioned above.

What can be done?

When a woman feels so much out of energy, she would feel like having long sleep. But, her personal and professional responsibilities would not let her take long rests. So, what can be done? Can she rely on energy supplements? Yes, relying on energy booster products can be the great idea. But, how to choose one would be the question most women have in their minds. Here are some tips that will help women:

Going herbal can help: It is true that there are many energy booster supplements available in the market. But, it would be safe for women to go for herbal energy booster products. As most of us know, herbal products are always safe to use. They do not cause any side effects as they are made out of all natural ingredients.

When talking about herbal energy booster products for women, Vital G-30 capsules get into picture. This product is an advanced herbal energy supplement that can provide women with the needed nutritional support. It will bring about an improvement in the overall strength and energy to a great extent.

How can Vital G-30 capsules help?

  1. Generally, experts are of the opinion that aging is an important contributor towards low energy and low libido level in women. But, the best herbal energy booster products for women like Vital G-30 capsules provides antioxidants and can protect women from cell damage, which in turn will delay the process of aging.
  2. These capsules can act as the natural libido enhancer pills for women by nourishing the reproductive organs. When libido level increases, they can provide better satisfaction to their partner in lovemaking, which in turn will boost their confidence level to a great extent. They can become mentally stronger as well.
  3. The hormone balancing and immune boosting properties of these supplements can help women lead a healthier and happier life free from low energy level.
  4. It can provide overall nourishment to women by toning their entire system.
  5. As age advances, most of the women experience low bone density, which in turn will cause weakness. This problem is rightly addressed by Vital G-30 capsules by providing the right kind of nutritional support to improve their bone strength.

To conclude, when it comes to choosing the herbal energy booster products for women, they can choose Vital G-30 capsules that can bring the above-mentioned benefits to women.

Tips For Pregnant Women

So you’re going to expect. Having a baby is every woman’s wish, but if it is your first time, probably you won’t know everything about pregnancy. However if this is your third time, still there is chance that you will have a lot of questions about pregnancy because being pregnant and pregnancy period is not as easy as it sounds.

Keep all the discussed tips here in mind to gain make your pregnancy healthy and better one. One of the great tips for all those who are expecting is to speak up with your doctors, even when there is a small chance that you could be expecting. Because there are several tests that they perform according to the symptoms you experience that can be harmful if you are expecting.

Being healthy before, during and after the pregnancy is the foremost demand of this period. We all know that pregnancy period involves many aspects of life, so here are great tips in compiled format to help you in your pregnancy and motherhood.

  • Schedule your appointment with your doctor.
  • Make sure to attend all the scheduled appointments with your partner.
  • Change your food habits. Try to add healthy variety of food items like fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Don’t eat too much at a time instead eat four or five small well balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of water (at least 8-10 glasses in a day).
  • Avoid smoking, caffeine intake and alcohol, and also ask your partner to avoid these stuffs.
  • Ask your partner to adopt healthy food diet with all essential nutrients.
  • Take adequate sleep. You can use specially designed pregnancy mattresses and pillows that may help you sleep better.
  • Learn to keep yourself relax with breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Fatigue and swelling of legs and feet are common in pregnancy, to prevent it, try to keep your feet up many times in a day.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes while walking. You can also try maternity clothes during pregnancy.
  • Without consulting your doctor, don’t take any kind of medications, not even any herbal remedies.
  • Once you know that you are pregnant, start exercising that keeps you in shape during and after pregnancy. Exercise will help you in lowering the miscarriage risks and it has been proven that it help reduce labor complications.
  • Walking, swimming, slow dancing, stretching and Yoga are some of the recommendable exercises for pregnant women.
  • Take a prenatal vitamin supplements to ensure the nutrient requirements are fulfilled.
  • Read good stories and don’t forget to read about pregnancy more and more.
  • Take an early pregnancy class to learn more about it.
  • Review the signs and symptoms of premature labor.
  • Try to avoid fumes that are firmly associated with wall paper and paint.
  • If you experience any kind of unfamiliar symptom, talk to your doctor immediately.
  • At last but not the least, act like a pregnant woman and take care of your health and baby as much as you can.

Note, before adopting any new habit, it is recommendable to consult with your doctor.