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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Things should be Consider for a Healthy Pregnancy & Baby

Visit your general doctor as soon as you find that you are expecting. Expecting someone breathing inside you is the most wonderful feeling that a woman feels when she is pregnant. Though every woman is incomplete without being mother and that’s the reason why mother-to-be are always confused what to do or what not for healthy pregnancy and baby.

Apart from body stresses and hormonal effects of being mom-to-be, she needs to act with greater awareness because each action or activity affects her health and her baby too. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being of mother will have a great influence on the development of fetus. Therefore it is essential for a mother-to-be to ensure that she is taking wholesome nutrition with pleasant environment throughout the entire pregnancy for the fetus to flourish.

By making some extra efforts during pregnancy, she can reduce the adverse affects of the pregnancy. This effort can maximize the ease of delivery and most importantly a better state of fetus health. Taking proper care in the early stage of pregnancy will assures the healthy pregnancy and gives a better start of life to fetus.

During the pregnancy time, since mother and the fetus are too connected to each other, the unborn baby can sense everything that mother experiences. This indicates that the unborn baby can be directly affected with the mother’s every thought and emotion. When she is peaceful and joyful, healthy hormones and enzymes flow in her bloodstream and this tends to impact the fetus development in a positive way.

However anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and fear bring negativity and slow down the fetus growth. It is advisable for pregnant woman to pay extra attention to her surroundings and to avoid stressful circumstances that will negatively impact on her and fetus too. In addition it is good for the mother to keep herself with the positive and optimistic people that produce happy feeling and a sense of positivity, harmony and beauty.

Some other common things you need to consider during pregnancy

Pregnancy time is the time for eating for two. But this does not mean to eat twice as much. This simply means to take all necessary nutrients for your baby. Regular physical activity with balanced and hygienic meal activity is one of the best rules to follow when you are pregnant.

Adopting healthy eating habit is the foremost thing and most important than ever for a pregnant lady. Your body requires more amounts of protein, zinc and iron than before pregnancy. Additionally you need more calories.

During pregnancy, woman needs more vitamins, minerals and for this, she must include grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and beans etc in her diet. In addition there are certain foods you need to avoid such as refrigerated smoked seafood and meat spreads. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly no no during pregnancy. For more details on pregnancy diet, it is good to consult with your physician.

Way to Increase Breasts Sizes Comfortably

There are many women who would do breast enhancement however most of them do not want to get surgery for breast enhancement and they are also not aware of the methods of how to enlarge breasts naturally. This discourages the idea of going to breast enhancement, leaving very dissatisfied with their bodies, and especially their breast size.

While some women can afford cost of breast enhancement surely but everyone can not afford the huge surgery and implants bills. Furthermore, surgical breast enhancement process is known to be riskiest that could be life-threatening. Earlier, very few women knew that breast size can be increased with the use of natural herbs that are processed and sold in the form of pills, herbal creams, however nowadays, many women are now familiar with it, thanks to the innovation of internet.

Since the surgery is not only dangerous but also very expensive, women are willing to spend time in natural efforts like massaging their breasts, exercising, using food supplements and don’t mind to use even herbal and ayurvedic products to enlarge the size of their breasts. The advantage of the massaging is that you can do it yourself by using herbal creams, you do not need to pay for that and can save huge money on costly surgery. Secondly, natural and home massaging methods do not have any side effects and the best alternative to a healthy increase breasts.

There are some simple but effective ways to learn how to enlarge breasts naturally:

  • One of the most effective ways to enlarge breasts is to follow a good exercise routine that is designed for breast enlargement. To achieve this, the base consists of exercising the muscles of the chest. Once you practice the routine workout of building chest muscles, you will slowly but surely see the increase of your cup sizes in a couple of weeks. In addition, regular exercise routine will also help you strengthen stamina over the time.
  • The second method to increase breast size is to use popular herbal creams that have proven records of increasing the cup sizes for many women. Regular massaging the breasts with the use of natural and herbal enhancing creams will give you results in couple of week’s time as well.
  • In conjunction with the implementation of these breast enhancement creams women also take help of the pills that are known to help increase the size of their breasts. There are many companies that have started manufacturing breast enhancement creams and pills that are made of herbal products. Those who have tried these pills will witness a considerable amount of increase in size of their breasts.

There are many different companies that manufacture products that can help you learn how to enlarge breasts naturally, however it is always best that one can see a specialist, before you begin to take these drugs. Never take self-medication even if they are herbal and claimed to have no side-effects.

Fitness Exercises and Gym Equipments Suitable for Women

In order to stay fit and healthy, visiting a health club in Singapore on a regular basis would be of great help. However, if you are a woman, it is always better to choose a place that has the right set of equipments suitable for you. You will also require the assistance of a trainer who is skilled in assisting the female members at the gym. The exercises and equipments for women are quite different from the ones suitable for men. Here are few factors that will be of great help to you.

Most women tire themselves out in a gym to shed a few pounds of weight and end up losing their zeal. So the energy that they started out with gets quenched out within a few days. Get your routine right and that helps you stay healthy and fit without over tiring yourself.


The ever favorite ones at the women gym in Singapore are usually known to the layman as Cardio. It helps to burn fat and keeps your heart rates at the right range. These exercises are jogging, running, skipping, swimming, bicycling etc. The key point is not to overdo it. Another good thing about cardio is that it requires very less of equipments. Treadmill is one of the most preferred cardio equipments available at the gyms. Since the settings can be adjusted this is one equipment that suits all sorts of women.


As the name suggests it is all about repetition. You should decide the time limit according to your strengths. A time ranging from twenty to forty five minutes will be a good deal. This is done purely in a gym where you use all the equipments. The shorter the time period you use the harder you have to put in an effort. The circuits are then repeated for the total time. Concentrate on pushups, sit ups and abdomen twists. You should also do separate exercise for the upper bo9dy and for the lower body. You can also try a sprint. When you are done with it, do reward yourself with rest at least for a minute.


This one is for the busy women who have no time to spare and would like to get the maximum out in the shortest time possible. This exercise lasts only for four minutes and has break periods in between too. This is referred to as a four minute miracle by fitness experts. You have to do twenty seconds of one pattern of exercise followed by ten seconds of rest and then move on to the next set of exercises. This can range from squats, cardio or others that can give cent percentage of dedication. Doing this may cause you to even feel that you are about to die because it uses up a large part of your energy. This was first used mainly by athletes but now it has been followed in the fitness gym as well. Though it looks and feels torturous it comes with its own benefits. You can lose in four minutes what you tried doing in an hour with your treadmill. It also expands your lung capacity

Regular changes will also help a lot. Keep finding new equipments and exercise methods with the help of your trainer to achieve positive results.

Ways to Increase Fertility

• Eat for fertility

Couples can surely eat for fertility. Dairy products are paramount, as are sure vitamins and minerals. There are even nourishments which are classed as fertility boosting.

Additionally eliminate the sugars (which raise insulin levels and disable fertility) and eat all the more sleek fish which is rich in omega-3s – imperative for healthy hormonal function.

Fundamentally your fertility eating regimen ought to incorporate something from the five primary nutritional categories consistently. That is dairy; high protein (meat or fish); leafy foods; oats and grains; and oils and fats. Consume fresh food instead of pre-packaged or comfort food and eliminate sugar.

• Stop the poisons

Cigarettes, medications, alcohol and caffiene all go under this heading. Male smokers have been demonstrated to have lower sperm numbers and female smokers have a 30% lower fertility rate as compared to non-smokers. Drinking an excess of alcohol has been found to weaken ovulation and sperm generation. Recreational medications don’t simply lower sperm counts they build unusual sperm and reason ovulation issues in ladies. One mug of stimulated coffee for every day can bring down a lady’s possibilities of conception by half. A few specialists say coffee influences the fallopian tube muscles, whose occupation is to convey the eggs from the ovaries.

• Continue moving

It has been demonstrated that active females are more effective at conceiving through IVF. It is suspected that practice keeps our bodies delivering exorbitant insulin, which can hurt the improvement of healthy eggs.

• Think “cool”

The male sperm flourishes in cool surroundings. Swapping tight underpants for detached boxer shorts will help avert overheating. Men ought to additionally maintain a strategic distance from long, hot showers while attempting to turn into a father. Switch to cooler showers. Men who sit with computers or laptops on their laps can decrease their fertility levels (through overheating). Put the laptop on a table!

• Look for the sun

Daylight increases the levels of Vitamn D in our bodies which help fertility in both men and women by expanding levels of the female sex hormones progesterone and estrogen, and boosting sperm count.

• Relax

Higher anxiety levels can influence fertility in females and ease off sperm generation and lower moxie in men.

• Take a supplement

Exceptionally defined pre-pregnancy vitamins hold key supplements for conception (eg folic acid, vitamin B12 and selenium) so they can help fertility.

• Watch your weight

It is generally reported that being overweight adversely influences fertility. Body fat produces estrogen, befuddling the body’s ovulation cycle so overweight females regularly have irregular periods. On the other side, being excessively thin can additionally influence fertility. Some underweight females may discover their body basically quits creating eggs as it faculties there isn’t sufficient fat for a healthy pregnancy.

• Have more sexual intercourse

Obviously having more sexual intercourse doesn’t build your fertility, yet in the event that we are looking at increasing your possibilities of getting pregnant then no list would be finished without it!

Don’t wait for ovulation before engaging in sexual relations. Engaging in sexual relations no less than two to three times each week implies there is a more prominent chance of egg gathering sperm. Females don’t generally ovulate on their cycle’s fourteenth day so it could be hard to pinpoint your top fertility days.